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Signs of aneurysms of blood vessels

An insidious disease with an unpredictable outcome - that's what surgeons say about an aneurysm. aneurysm - protrusion of the walls of the arteries or veins due to their thinning or stretching. As a result, an aneurysmal sac is formed, pressing on surrounding tissues.

Aneurysm of blood vessels

This disease is considered to be an age-related disease, atherosclerosis, hypertension, a previous myocardial infarction, late stage of syphilis leads to it ... in young people Risk of aneurysm development Increases after injury.

Signs of aneurysms of blood vessels

A person can live and for years not to suspect that he is wearing a time bomb. any time Damaged vessel Can break, which will lead to death ... at the time of the rupture, a person feels a cutting pain, and blood pressure begins to decline rapidly.

Aneurysm rupture

Often an aneurysm is detected accidentally, during uzi internal organs. And this diagnosis requires immediate medical intervention.

How to recognize an aneurysm

Nevertheless, there are some symptoms that should not be ignored, because they can point to one or the other Form of an aneurysm.

  1. An aneurysm of an artery of a brain
    The most dangerous form of this disease. In case of a break, a person feels acute pain and loses consciousness. Permanent headaches, similar to migraine attacks, serve as an excuse for immediate examination.
  2. Aortic aneurysm
    This form - 85% of cases of all aneurysms. At late stages, patients complain of pressing pain in this or that part of the body. An aneurysm of the aorta of the abdominal part develops without obvious signs. In some cases, patients, with their hands on their stomachs, may experience pulsation, which is stronger than in other places.
  3. Aneurysm of peripheral vessels
    With damage to the blood vessels of the limbs, patients complain of severe pain in the hands and feet.
  4. Aneurysm of the heart
    This form of an aneurysm is diagnosed in 5 of 20Patients who had a heart attack. Rarely accompanied by any symptoms. Sometimes for the presence of an illness indicates night snoring, a feeling of tightness in the chest and back, shortness of breath, discomfort when swallowing.

It is necessary to understand that none of the forms of an aneurysm is treated with medication or folk methods. The only way out is surgical intervention.

So that Avoid aneurysm, Doctors advise to monitor the level of cholesterol andSugar in the blood, the level of blood pressure, quit smoking, do not get involved in extreme sports and weight lifting, and also do regular vasoconstriction.

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