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Childbirth at home

Recently, it has become popular to talk about,That childbirth is a natural process. Therefore, giving birth at home is a safe exercise that has a number of advantages over childbirth in a hospital setting. But do not forget that death - this is also quite a natural process, from which no one is immune ...

Dutch women prefer to choose Childbirth at homeIn the United States, this practice is also extremelyIs widespread and completely legal. Lucky people often give birth in the water, right in their own bathroom, they are supported not only by the husband, but also by other family members. Even invite a professional photographer specifically for such a case: to capture the most intimate and frank moments of the birth of a new member of the family!

In Russia and Ukraine there are no laws that officially allow births at home. That is, invited midwives who insure women in childbirth at home - people who violate the law. why is that? injustice… "so simple!" Can not pass by so exciting topic!

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Childbirth at home

Fans of natural childbirth insist that,That if a woman is carefully prepared for this event and is confident internally in a happy outcome - everything will go like clockwork. Houses and walls help, the native husband - the fine alternative to any doctor. Do not want to give only the child who saw the light in the hands of someone else's person, do not want to worry because of the risk of catching an infection in the hospital, do not want to feel the discomfort of being in the ward ...

How many there are such stories: the doctor incorrectly accepted childbirth, and the child for all his life remained mutilated.

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Pluses of home births

  1. comfort
    native home! Serenity, favorite things, a sense of security and a lack of stress as a result of being in the hospital.
  2. The possibility of a non-standard approach to the process
    Childbirth, squatting, specialBreathing practices to relieve pain during labor: all this is possible, if strict medical personnel do not follow you. You can find a lot of useful information about how, How to give birth at home: The Internet will help.
  3. Home birth in America

  4. Home microflora
    Home microflora with all microbes present there is already well known to a woman and a child in her womb. Less risk of contracting someone else's and dangerous infection - for example, golden staphylococcus.
  5. No problems with doctors
    No stimulation by medication, no puncture of the bladder! Pregnancy is not a disease! Nature knows how best.

Home birth Only those women who havePregnancy is absolutely normal and there is not even a hint of any problems. Unpredictable accidents from which no one is insured at home, even perfectly healthy women, can cause the death of a mother or child.

Home birth without assistance

Dry statistics indicate that childbirth at home -This is an extremely risky business, at least in our country, not in the west. To think only: in the European countries to the woman giving birth to the house in case of unpredictable complication the medical employees on the helicopter can arrive!

Now imagine what will happen to us: In an extreme situation, you can not get there from the house to the hospital, simply because traffic jams, the road in poor condition or the way to the only hospital in the city is not close, to put it mildly. If you need an urgent cesarean section, it will not be made by a midwife or, especially, a spouse. If bleeding opens, in 40 seconds you can lose a liter of blood ...

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