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Signs of cervical cancer

about Cervical cancer, As well as about any other kind of cancer, it is difficult to speak and it is necessary. This is the second most common form of cancer among women, a disease that changes destiny ...

Signs of cervical cancer

Fortunately, modern medicine has come Early stages of cervical cancer With usual colposcopy and cytological examination with further complex treatment.

Treatment of cervical cancer

Signs of cervical cancer

Disease never arises from nowhere: cancer precedes Changes in the epithelium of the cervix, Accompanied by certain symptoms.

  1. Abnormal vaginal bleeding. Bleeding in the middle of the menstrual cycle,After sexual intercourse, after the onset of menopause - is already an excuse to take an alarm and make an appointment for an unscheduled examination. Because it is a clear sign that the body has failed.
  2. Unusual selection. About the initial stage of cancer can testifyLeucorrhoea with a small admixture of blood, and abundant watery discharge. Fetid serous secretions are characteristic of later stages of the disease during tumor disintegration.
  3. lower abdominal pain. Constant pain in the pelvic region accompany many diseases, so this symptom should not be ignored. It is better to go to the doctor right away.
  4. Difficulty urinating. The growth of the tumor leads to compression of the ureter and problems with urination, but when the disease affects the bladder, there may be frequent desires.
  5. Swelling and pain in the legs. Compression of lymphatic vessels leads toStagnation of fluid in the legs, the spread of cancer to the pelvic lymph nodes may indicate pain in the thigh or sacral spine.
  6. weight loss. Cytokines, proteins that the body produces to fight the disease, are also able to actively break down fats, causing a rapid decrease in weight.

It is important to know: Cancer of the cervix is ​​successfully treated, and in the early stages - especially! The trouble is that women often do not visit the gynecologist for years, postponing the visit to the doctor until the deadline. Survey every year: take care of yourself!

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