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Olga Kartunkova before and after

Olga kartankova - the brightest member of the team kvn "city Pyatigorsk" and just a favorite of the public.

The artist never was thin, and afterBirth of children and at all has essentially typed in weight. With a small increase in olga weighed about 134 kg! No known diets yielded any serious results, and after a while the kilos returned again.

Olga kartarkova kvn

Olga Kartankova before and after

after Olga kartankova once She broke her leg, the doctors were adamant: she must lose weight. The girl recently struck all the changes in her figure: Olga Cardinova has grown thin!! What helped her get rid of extra pounds?

The secret of losing weight olga keeps to itself, motivating it by the fact that each case is unique and individual, and all that needs to be done is just "shut your mouth".

To achieve a visible result, dietitians prepared a special food program for Olga. Here are its main postulates:

  1. Ban on flour, smoked, fatty and sweet.
  2. Daily diet: up to seventy grams of protein, not more than one hundred and twenty grams of carbohydrates and up to thirty grams of fat.
  3. Eating at the same time.

Thanks to these rules, Olga was able to lose weight to 90 kg! These notable changes to her face.

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