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How to treat warts

It is believed that the appearance of wartsIs typical for children and adolescents. However, this disease can be found in everyone, because warts are a problem of weakened immunity. The cause of such formations is Human papillomavirus (HPV), which leads to uncontrolled growth of the upper layer of the skin, as a result of the formation of growths in the form of warts.

If you have a few small warts, they can be easily removed at home using the means available to everyone.

How to treat warts folk remedies

How to treat warts

  1. garlic
    Thanks to their antiviral andAntibacterial properties, garlic - an indispensable assistant in the removal of warts. The easiest way to use it is to rub fresh garlic juice into warts at least three times a day. Garlic is a natural immunomodulator, so its use will help in the fight against the virus.
  2. celandine
    This is very effective A remedy for warts. Juice celandine - a mixture of alkaloids, which have a toxic effect on the development of pathogenic cells. But do not get too involved: in large quantities, the celandine acts like a poison.
  3. aloe vera
    You will make it easier Excretion of warts, If you have aloe vera. This plant contains malic acid, which helps to burn infected tissues. It is necessary to simply attach a leaf of a plant so that its juice has got on a wart, and after that to wrap up the amazed place.
  4. bow
    The onion is able to heal Warts on the foot Not worse than garlic. But its effect is less aggressive. Onions (better than onions) cut into several parts, pour vinegar and insist for about 2 hours. Attach the onion to the wart, wrap this place with gauze or bandage and leave it for 2-3 hours. It is desirable to conduct the procedure before bedtime.
  5. Strengthening of immunity
    Our immune system is a natural barrier to theDifferent diseases. Improving and strengthening this internal resource, you are fighting a virus that causes you so much inconvenience. Healthy sleep, moderate physical activity, fresh air and the necessary amount of vitamins will allow your body to resist any diseases.

Sometimes warts can become a signal moreA serious illness. They show us that you need to pay attention to your health. If you can not withdraw the warts at home or their number is constantly growing, ask your doctor for advice. And remember, the main thing is health!

And what do you say about these methods of combating warts?