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The system of Ekaterina Mirimanova

Ekaterina Mirimanova - Now the author of the popular system of weight loss and coach, and in the past - a man suffering from obesity.

Ekaterina Mirimanova system

A woman admits that Overweight problem Had from childhood and the fight against it was unsuccessful. When the arrow of scales reached the mark of 120 kg, Ekaterina realized that it was necessary to take urgent measures to preserve health, but realized that she could not withstand the usual diet.

Ekaterina Mirimanova system

To make herself lose weight, the woman came up with her own rules and began to follow them. So the author's Method of losing weight "minus 60", And later the world saw the first book of the Miriman system "minus 60".

Ekaterina Mirimanova system

The author of the methodology claims that there is absolutely everything possible, including cakes, bacon and even fried potatoes! And to lose weight, you only need to comply with a number of rules.

Ekaterina Mirimanova system

  1. Mandatory breakfast, and preferably 2 (light and high-grade) to run Metabolic processes in the body.
  2. You can drink tea and coffee, you just need to reduce Amount of sugar in drinks. From alcohol red dry wine is allowed.
  3. Chocolate is only black.
  4. Wheat bread - only for breakfast, for lunch - a slice of rye (subject to the absence of meat and fish dishes).
  5. potatoes And macaroni can be consumed for breakfast with anything, for lunch - with vegetables or a small amount of cheese.
  6. Supper is not necessary to pass, but have time to eat3-4 hours before bedtime. It should be as light as possible products: cottage cheese, vegetables ... chicken and fish - only as an independent dish (without bread and garnish).
  7. Drink as much as you want (without fanaticism).
  8. Feasible physical exercise - everyday. Do something with a hint of exercise, but every day.
  9. It's important not to overexert yourself too much during classes: sport should be in joy!
  10. Self-massage enhances the effect of any occupation.
  11. Do not put yourself too high bars: move to the goal gradually.
  12. The most important: start to change habits today!

For one and a half year Ekaterina Mirimanova managed to lose weight from 120 to 60 kilograms. And all this without any hunger strikes, liposuction and other radical ways of losing weight.

Ekaterina Mirimanova system

The number of followers of Ekaterina Mirimanova is constantly growing, and the method of losing weight "minus 60" has become almost the most popular in Russia and the countries of the post-Soviet space.

Ekaterina Mirimanova is a vivid example of that it is not necessary to torture yourself with diets to To acquire the figure of a dream: It is important to develop a strategic plan and strictly follow it, and the result will not be long in coming!

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