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Consequences of alcoholism

About the dangers of alcohol we are told back in school. But today the editors "so simple!" Demonstrates clearly what insidious alcohol addiction. We will show a series of pictures that were taken after the autopsy of people suffering from this terrible disease.

Consequences of alcoholism

  1. a heart
    Systematic alcohol consumption Over time can lead to cardiomyopathy - a disease that is characterized by a violation of the structure and functions of the heart muscle.

    Over time, people who abuse alcohol,The heart loses its ability to contract in the right rhythm. At opening at such person expansion of cavities of heart, a cardiosclerosis and fatty degeneration of a myocardium is often observed.

    Effects of alcoholism pictures

  2. liver
    According to statistical data, about 95%Alcohol-dependent suffer from fatty hepatosis. During the course of the disease, healthy liver cells degenerate into fatty cells. Often after fatty hepatosis begins fibrosis, and then cirrhosis.
    Effects of alcoholism pictures
  3. Gastrointestinal tract
    Systematic use of alcohol causesAtrophy of the gastric mucosa. This disease is a type of gastritis and indicates a precancerous condition. It is necessary to urgently undergo a course of treatment to avoid the appearance of tumors.
    Consequences of alcoholism for humans
  4. brain
    Alcohol has a harmful for cortical cellsBrain properties. Also a disturbance of brain functions is caused by a lack of vitamin B1. These factors contribute to the development of a disease such as alcoholic encephalopathy.
    Consequences of alcoholism for health
  5. mental disorders
    Unfortunately, they are inevitable and manifest in allPatients. First there is excessive irritability, fatigue, and sleep disturbance. In time, such diseases as white fever, alcoholic hallucinosis and alcoholic paranoids (delirium of persecution) can develop.
    Consequences of alcoholism for health

This article is just a warning about whichConsequences can arise because of excessive use of alcohol. Of course, a glass of wine or beer on holidays does not harm your body. But this information can not be bypassed, since in our country the number of alcohol-dependent people increases every year.

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