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How to check the thyroid gland

An American scientist and ford doctor Otto Barnes, during his research in the field of endocrinology, found that Body temperature - an excellent indicator of the thyroid gland.

How to check the thyroid

How to check the thyroid

So to determine Thyroid status, It is sufficient to have only an ordinary thermometer.

How to check the thyroid

  1. From the evening, prepare a thermometer, the temperature indicator on it should not be above 35 degrees.
  2. Immediately after awakening, place the thermometer in the armpit and hold for 10 minutes. The result is yours Morning basal temperature.
  3. If morning basal temperature is inRange 36.5-36.8 ° C, then with the thyroid gland, and with the body as a whole, everything is fine. During menstruation and during pregnancy in women, the test score may go beyond.
  4. If the temperature is below 36.5 degrees, this indicates Decreased thyroid function (Hypothyroidism). Pay attention, it is possible that you have other symptoms of this disease: lethargy, frequent headaches and colds, memory impairment, hair loss.
  5. If the morning temperature is above 36.8 degrees, then the work of your thyroid gland is accelerated. It is also possible Inflammatory process in organism.
  6. To get the most accurate result, test 3 days in a row. Having noticed deviation from norm or rate, descend or go on consultation to the endocrinologist.

To maintain the health of the thyroid gland,The most important organ in our body, you need to avoid stress and watch your diet. Special attention was paid to food with a high content of selenium, magnesium, cortisol, vitamins a and group c. Health to you and a good mood!

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