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Tibetan Exercises

According to the philosophy of Tibetan monks, the sourceYouth and human health is inside our body. But many people do not use this potential, given by nature, because of ignorance. They are looking for elixirs and all sorts of ways to rejuvenate, not even suspecting that the secret of longevity is inside.

Today edition "so simple!" Will reveal the principle of the action of healing exercises - Five Tibetan pearls, Which will change your life once and for all! The author of the book "the eye of revival" Peter Kelder argues that in our body there are 7 energy centers, which can be conditionally called vortices.

Two of them are located in the head - these are vortices a and c. One in the neck - a vortex with, one is in the region of the liver - a vortex d. In the genital organs there is a vortex e, and two more centers are in the knees - vortices f and g.

Each of us felt at least once in our life howThe vital forces leave the body, apathy appears, weakness, when it is easy to catch any catarrhal disease. It's all about energy vortices: for some reason they stopped "spinning".

To restore health, youth and strength, it is necessary to unleash these Energy vortices, Performing 5 simple exercises every morning. You need to start with 7 repetitions for each exercise and gradually increase the load to 20.

Tibetan Exercises

  1. The first exercise
    Stand straight and stretch your arms out to the sides. Start slowly spinning clockwise until you get a feeling of light dizziness. After which you should immediately stop the exercise.
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  2. Second exercise
    Prepare a small gym mat orA blanket for the exercise. Lie down on the floor, straighten your arms along the body and raise your legs as high as possible. During the raising of the feet, one should tear off the head from the floor. Then you must simultaneously lower your legs and head.
    5 Tibetan pearls
  3. Third exercise
    Kneeling, put your hands along the body and tilt your head, pressing your chin to your chest. Then put your body back, turn your head as much as possible. Take a short break and repeat the exercise.
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  4. Fourth exercise
    Start to perform it, sitting on the rug. Hands rest on the floor, and lower your head as much as possible, pressing your chin to your chest. From this position, lift the trunk horizontally to the floor, and tilt the head back. Then return to the starting position.
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  5. Fifth exercise
    Do it with your hands and toes infloor. In this position, the body should not touch the floor. Then flip your head back, trying to bend back as far as possible. After this, without bending your arms, raise your body up, and slowly lower your head. Do a few repetitions.
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Master-class for the performance of five Tibetan exercises look in this video.

Do exercises every morning, trying not to miss a single day. In two weeks you will feel a surge of strength and vitality!

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