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Coffee for the body

Is it useful coffee? For many years disputes have not ceasedConcerning this issue. After numerous researches of experts from different countries of the world, the answer nevertheless appeared - yes. But with some clarification: if you drink coffee, it is natural and in reasonable quantities.

Effect of coffee on the body

Another question: how much is reasonable? Researchers say about 300-500 mg of caffeine per day as a harmless to the body dose. It is estimated that the average amount of caffeine in one cup is 100 mg (with slight fluctuations), so 3 cups of coffee a day - this is the volume of the drink, which is not recommended.

Coffee for the body

"so simple!" Found 4 scientific facts confirming the positive Effect of coffee on the body.

Effect of coffee on the body

  1. Coffee and liver
    Coffee helps the liver to recover, acting as an antioxidant and cholagogue. People who regularly drink coffee are not threatened with cirrhosis or cholelithiasis!

    Caffeine reduces the amount of serum aminotransferase and those aliphatic amino acids that provoke the development of hepatitis and other liver diseases.

  2. Coffee and brain
    A study conducted at the Johns UniversityHopkins in November 2014, in which 73 people took part, showed that coffee positively affects a special type of memory and makes it possible to store information more clearly and clearly.

    Also found that coffee in the amount of 3 cups a day reduces the risk of Alzheimer's disease by 65%!

  3. Coffee and diabetes
    According to some researchers of type II diabetes, 2-3 cups of natural coffee a day act as prevention of this disease.
  4. Coffee and metabolism
    Moderate doses of caffeine, enhancing metabolism, contribute to reducing the body weight of a person. Caffeine is also able to regulate the level of Leptin, A hormone responsible for the volume of the fat layer. Increasing the level of this substance suppresses the appetite, increases energy consumption. Of course, provided that you do not eat coffee with dessert!

Morning coffee is the only way to cheerfully start a day for thousands of people. But this information is useful to know even those who do not drink coffee: why not share the article with your friends!