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What Causes Cancer

Every year, the number of people whoSuffer from serious diseases, the most terrible of which is cancer. Scientists have long known that nutrition affects the development of this disease. Food that you eat daily without fear, can become a time bomb! Here is the list Harmful products, Which should be immediately excluded from their diet.

What causes cancer

Dangerous food

  1. Canned tomatoes
    About the dangers of canned food doctors have been saying for more than a year andThere is a convincing explanation. When preparing cans, bisphenol-a is used. This element changes the structure of DNA, which can lead to the development of cancer cells.

    The most dangerous products in this categoryTomatoes are considered, because, having a high acidity, they are more corrosive to the walls of the tin can and react chemically with harmful components.

    What causes cancer

  2. carbonated drinks
    A short argument that will forever repulse the desire to enjoy a sweet drink: the chemical substance 4-methylimidazole, used in the manufacture of carbonated beverages, causes cancer.

    Harm of drinks

  3. margarine
    First of all, negatively affects the liver. It contains trans fats, which our body can not handle.

    What causes cancer

  4. Processed meat
    The American Institute for Cancer Research confirmed that processed red meat increases the risk of developing a cancerous tumor.

    Harm to meat

  5. Donuts
    Sweet and magnificent dessert contains at once 3 dangerous ingredients: sugar, white flour and butter, on which donuts are prepared.

    What you can not eat

  6. Sausages
    Smoked meat ruthlessly destroys our organs. The scientists, the media and the world health organization themselves are trumpeting about it. Frightening statistics says that people who eat 160 grams of smoked sausages every day are 44% more likely to develop cancer than people who eat carcinogenic meat not more than 100-120 grams a day or do not consume it at all.

    Proper nutrition

  7. Products with the label "diet"
    Most dietary products bring moreHarm than good. Chemical sweetener aspartame is the most common artificial component in their composition. Aspartame triggers in the body, the processes of destruction, such as cancer and heart problems.

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  8. Sweeteners
    Apart from aspartame, there are a number of artificialSweeteners that are not recommended for consumption. It is acesulfame potassium, sucralose. Behind these names lies the most powerful threat to man. Excessive consumption can reward the body with a bouquet of diseases, the most dangerous of which is brain cancer.

    Harmful products

Carefully watch your food so as not to become a victim of deadly foods. Share this information with your friends, because Dangerous food Is in the diet of each person.