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How to cure a cyst

Cyst in the mammary gland Is a benign education for womenReproductive age, which is a kind of bubble filled with liquid. The sizes of a cyst can be different: from one millimeter to several centimeters. Also the cyst is both single and multiple.

Cyst in the chest

Doctors allocate several Causes of cysts in the chest: Hormonal disorders, trauma or surgery in the area of ​​the gland, mastopathy, stress. Women who did not give birth before the age of 30 are also at risk.

The transition of a cyst to a malignant formation is unlikely, but against the background of mastopathy and hormonal instability, the risk of Breast cancer Increases. The cyst itself is not dangerous, but this does not mean that it does not require treatment.

Cyst in the chest

How to cure a cyst

Cyst treatment Can be carried out only after an accurate diagnosis and consultation of a mammologist.

Numerous small and single cysts of a sizeUp to 15 mm are treated, as a rule, in conservative ways, appointing resorptive, anti-inflammatory, hormonal drugs, vitamin supplements. In these cases it is also able to help ethnoscience.

Cyst treatment

Home made drink made from 100 ml of aloe juice and 100 ml of carrot juice, will contribute to the speedy Resorption cysts. Mix these 2 components, and the resulting volume of liquid is divided into 3 portions. Drink 3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating.

A cabbage leaf applied at night to the breast also works well. Usually folk remedies perfectly complement traditional therapy, and their application gives excellent results.

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