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What is dangerous is instant coffee

Even the Best instant coffee - not the product that you need to use every day. To determine whether you are drinking something good or poison is extremely easy. Drip a few drops of iodine in a mug with a freshly prepared drink.

If you see that instant coffee has been purchasedA bluish tint - in your mug a low-grade beverage with impurities and additives is smoking! That we can have there: coffee husks, barley, oats, other cereals, acorn powder, stabilizers and artificial caffeine.

In principle, all these products are not so terribleIn small doses, but there is one more component that we did not mention - these are the flavors, thanks to which all this dry mixture smells like real coffee. Once the mug is empty, the body will survive a real shock, poisoning with toxins.

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What is dangerous is instant coffee

Instant coffee can not be consumedPeople with atherosclerosis, ischemic heart disease, hypertension, kidney disease, glaucoma and insomnia. Because in this product the caffeine content is 2 times higher than in natural coffee! Irritability, nausea, malfunctioning of the stomach, headache - all these phenomena can be observed in lovers of this drink ...

Freeze-dried coffee More expensive than the usual soluble, but this does not mean that there are no additives and flavors in it. I strongly advise you to check that you drink in the manner indicated above!

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Gastritis, heartburn, decreased potency, problems withSkin, blood pressure problems and poor liver function - in my opinion, it is not worth it, it's best to dispense with chicory, tea, milk, natural coffee, water, but never drink this muck.

The liver is vulnerable to regular poisoning, and this can even cause cirrhosis.

If you really use an invigorating drink, then let it be natural coffe!! And then in moderate quantities, and better - cooked on fire, and not made in a coffee machine.

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