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The Harm of Corvalol

"Corvalol" - a medical product that does notKnown outside the countries of Eastern Europe and the former USSR. And more precisely, "Corvalol" - a prohibited drug outside the countries of Eastern Europe and the former USSR.

Almost why do we have it in almost every pharmacy? Redaction "so simple!" Hurries to share important information!

Harm from Corvalole

The history of the creation of "Corvalolus" is closely intertwinedWith the Nazi past of Germany. The military doctors of that time long searched for superfights, which will increase the fighting efficiency of the army, saving the soldiers from fear of the forthcoming battle.

After many studies, a drug was developed, based on a synthetic drug - luminal. The new remedy had the ability to quickly eliminate anxiety, nervous tension and fear.

Harm "Corvalol"

Harm from Corvalole

Today in the composition of the beloved by our parents"Corvalol" also includes luminal, only it is called in another way - phenobarbital. It is this component that puts Corvalol on a par with narcotic substances. Phenobarbital belongs to the group of barbiturates, which represent a huge danger when used with alcohol.

Barbiturates also tend to accumulate inOrganism, because of what in patients can be observed chronic daytime drowsiness. With a sharp withdrawal of the drug, patients feel increased anxiety, nervous tension and rapid heartbeat.

Harm from Corvalole

Reception of Corvalol A long time leads to a worsening of the liver, kidneys and other organs. Also systematic use of the drug adversely affects memory, sleep and emotional state of a person.

Dependence on Corvalol First of all it threatens our grandmothers and grandfathers. It is not surprising that a penny drug has become for them a cure for all diseases. Old people take it with excessive anxiety, rapid heartbeats and pains in the heart, with dizziness and not only ...

Harm from Corvalole

Indeed, Corvalol calms, removesPain and nervous tension, helps to quickly fall asleep. But with prolonged intake of the drug, its effect is reduced. So to achieve a strong effect the elderly have to drip more and more funds. Often pensioners contrive to drink a whole bottle of Corvalol for the day!

Harm from Corvalole

Still, we can not say that Corvalol is bada drug. But it should be used only in extreme cases for 15-30 drops 3 times a day. The drug can not be consumed for months! Also "Corvalol" is shown as a sleeping pill for the night, but it is better to replace it with another herbal preparation.

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