/ How to clean your ears

How to clean your ears

Cotton buds for the ears have become popular not so muchlong. Cotton wool, wound on a match, replaced this tool earlier. When the demand for hygiene products increased, marketers came up with special sticks, which are still sold with success.

Now you will find out, Do I need to clean my ears? In principle, and how to do it correctly. I'm sure you'll be as surprised as mine! A person who constantly uses cotton buds, harms his health.

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How to clean your ears

We forget about it, but the human body -Perfect system, arranged according to certain rules. In it everything works harmoniously, everything is coordinated, it's not just that. Only when a person begins to take care of this system incorrectly, feed himself with anything and carelessly handle the body, problems and illness begin.

Otolaryngologists recommend refusing cleaningEars with chopsticks! Sulfur protects the hearing organs from dirt, dust and germs - it has antibacterial and moisturizing properties. A lack of sulfur in the auricle can lead to otitis and other inflammatory diseases.

Ears are cleaned of sulfur naturally,Nature has foreseen everything. During chewing movements of the lower jaw, sulfur moves to the exit from the auricle. To observe hygiene, it is enough simply to wash your ears thoroughly while taking a shower.

Many parents are wondering: How to clean your ears To a small child. It is very important not to get into the auricle with chopsticks deep, do not scrub your ears completely. Do not deprive the ears of the child of the natural barrier from bacteria, it can harm his health.

A well-known fact: folk medicine advises to lubricate the earwax with the herpes in the herpes, then they quickly heal. All because of the strong antimicrobial action of ear wax!

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