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How to tie a scarf with your hands

Cold, unfriendly weather contributes to warming. But what warms better than a thing made with your own hands? This little video will teach you how to do it yourself Tie a scarf, Not using knitting needles.

How to tie a scarf without needles

An alternative to knitting is weaving. You only need to choose the thread of your favorite color and pleasant structure, find a half hour of time and be inspired. From such a gift anyone will be delighted! Look and learn how to do it.

Amazingly simple, right? When I watched this video, I immediately wanted to make such a knitted thing. Now such scarves are very appropriate, they look superski with many outfits. Beautiful shawl Not only warms, but also adds aesthetics to any image. And most importantly - the process of creating is not at all complicated, shown with details.

If this video caused your desire urgentlyRun after the thread - there is nothing surprising. Show your friends a simple way of weaving a warm scarf, telling them about this article. Comfort and warmth to you in these chilly days!