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How nice to serve pineapple

Pineapple took a place on the festive table a long time ago. It is already difficult to imagine a new year without this An exotic guest. It's time to prepare for the upcoming feasts and learn how to choose a good fruit and how beautiful it can be to serve it to the festive table.

Ripe fruit Must have the correct form, without damage and breach of the integrity of the peel. Also, he must have an intact "crown" of leaves and a healthy peduncle.

At Buying pineapple Pay attention to its smell. It should be slightly sweet, but in no case is not strong, since a strong smell indicates the onset of fermentation. The fetal skin should be dense. Absence of smell, on the contrary, speaks of the immaturity of the fruit. To buy unripe pineapple with the expectation that at home it will mature, it is useless.

also "so simple!" Offers you an original and quick way of feeding pineapple to the festive table.

How beautifully to serve pineapple

this Tropical fruit Not only very tasty, but also has a lot ofUseful properties. So he must attend the New Year's table. And such a delivery of this tropical fruit will take you a minimum of time and effort, but it will perfectly decorate the holiday.

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