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Tin can burner

The ability of people to create from everyday objects something really useful for everyday life does not get tired of surprising me. This guy took the usual tin A can of beer, Worked a little, and he got an object that will successfully replace a small mobile kitchen.

this Mini burner Can be useful in a hike or in a situation,When the stove is very necessary, but it is not. In order to make such a useful thing, you will need the simplest items - a tin, a knife to cut it, some material for filling the burner and alcohol. See detailed video how to do it!

How to make a burner out of tin cans

Simple Solving domestic problems Lie on the surface. If it refers to minor problems with ingenuity, you can come up with a lot of interesting things. Remember this ingenious way of creating a burner - such an adaptation can be very useful to you!

Show your friends this video about how an ordinary tin can turn into a very useful item, replacing Small kitchen!!