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How to restore freshness to hard bread

If you bought More bread than you need Was for the whole family, the remnants inexorably stale - so, a wonderful, fresh, lush baguette will become hard as a stone in a day. Especially if you store it incorrectly - leave it unpacked.

This video will show you how to returnHardened bread for life. This method is extremely good when there is no bread left in the house, except hardwood, and it's impossible to go to the store for some reason. See how this woman solved the problem. Hard bread!! A very easy way, which brings freshness to any bakery product.

What to do with stale bread

now you know, What to do with a stale loaf!! You just need to moisten the stale bread,Wrap in foil and set aside for a while. In order for the bread to acquire splendor, after a couple of hours put it in a preheated oven for about five minutes. It will decay and will have the appearance and taste of freshly baked bread. Unrealistically cool!

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