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Lighter and foil lighter

To remain without fire in the campaign is a serious trouble. Just imagine that your matches are damp from cold and humidity, and lighters are not observed nearby ... by the frictional force Build a fire Unlikely to work out, agree.

In order to be ready for any life situation, remember this lifhak. It turns out, it is possible very simply To make a lighter From two subjects, which are very likelyCan be with you. Just need a battery and a piece of foil. A wrapper from gum, chocolates or a pack of cigarettes. Watch a video about how it's done!

Lighter from battery and foil

Quite simply Cut out of foil Such two figures and put them to the battery withTwo ends. As you can see, the fire appears instantly! Observe the precautionary measures. While doing this trick, keep the battery away from the face and easily flammable objects.

This lifhak can be useful to everyone, so do not forget to show it to your friends.