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Photo on your smartphone

So that Make unique photos, It is not necessary to have an expensive camera! To everyone's happiness, modern smart phones cope with the task no worse than specialized equipment. Some smart phones are able to make such high-quality photos that they can not be distinguished from those shot on a professional camera!

This video will expand your ideas aboutPhoto taken on the smartphone. Creative approach in combination with new technical capabilities works wonders - very unusual works are obtained. Even the simplest selfie or a photo of nature can be made indescribably beautiful! Look what these guys came up with and remember - you just want to try these tricks yourself.

How to make a beautiful photo on your smartphone

A drop of water is a perfect assistant in macro photography,Foil and plastic bottle help to achieve magical effects in photos, self-made tripod will help you to perfectly photograph yourself! Thanks to these little things, the pictures will be very interesting. Stock up all the necessary items and go ahead - feel like a real photographer.

Tell your friends about the wisdom of photographing - these tricks will just interest them!