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An apron of jeans

Each in the depths of the cabinet there are several pairs of jeans, which have long been idle. Worn, with spots, wiped. Well, if you have already got into the habit of getting rid of old things.

But if you can hardly part with the clothes that have already served their own, you will need ideas about how to give her a second life. One of these brilliant ideas is shown in the video below. Incredible, but from Old jeans You can do something better than simple cropped shorts! A thing that turned out for a woman - very practical, useful to all, both men and women. Just look how simple it is done.

How to make an apron of jeans

In order to turn out a wonderful denimAprons, you just need to cut old jeans correctly. Back pockets will turn into comfortable pockets on the apron, where you can put different trifles. A good fit for those who love Work in the garden - in the pockets will fit different small accessories, gloves, seeds.

Denim apron - an excellent alternative to the usual Kitchen, Looks great and there are convenient pockets. Even when he will just hang in the kitchen, in his pockets there is a place for spices, such a thing can be used as an element of decor! It's enough just to draw something on a malleable denim material, embroider, sew, hang on the back of a chair ...

even Men Like this thing - a flashlight, small carnations,Screwdrivers, small parts can be placed in these pockets. When you work with your hands, extra pockets will never interfere! Such an apron will be ready in a couple of minutes - you do not even need to invent a clasp, the button and the loop that were on the jeans in the front, will turn into a clasp of this incredibly functional object.

Show everyone this video about how to make an unusual, but such a comfortable apron of unnecessary jeans.