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How to cook spaghetti in a pan

When it comes to making spaghetti, to mindComes a familiar and well-tested instruction: pour in the pan the right amount of water, boil, throw spaghetti into the seething water ... as it turned out, it is not necessary to do everything in the usual way!

To cook flawless, unboiled pastaCan be quite another way. While you save a lot of time, water and effort. Spaghetti will be ready twice as fast as usual. See a wonderful video about cooking spaghetti in an unusually easy way ...

How to cook spaghetti in a frying pan

In order to quickly cook Perfect spaghetti, Put them in a deep frying pan. Sprinkle spaghetti with cold water and light the fire under the frying pan. Water will need a small amount, it will boil quickly.

After 4 minutes of spaghetti will be ready, you will immediately notice it! This method ensures that the paste will not be sticky and will boil well. Because cooking takes place in a skillet, you will not forget about Pasta And in time you will get them out of the water, which will help to avoid digestion.

A great way, is not it? Now I'll always use it - it's much easier than the classic option with a pan.

Show everyone an extraordinary way of cooking pasta, this makes life easier!