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The swan of an apple

Do you want to do something very beautiful? This idea is simple to impossible, but it looks indescribably beautiful! You can decorate your dining table with a normal apple, as if you've been studying culinary skills for several years. This swan from an apple looks intricate, but I can even do this, although something is cut smoothly and neatly for me is always a problem. Look - do it Work of art from an apple It's quite simple.

The swan out of an apple

This swan seems to have been created for children who do not like apples! Please your baby so Original hand-made articles From the fruit - the rapture in the children's eyes will be irresistible, and the apple will be eaten immediately, as soon as they admire an unusual bird. Such an apple swan can be unspeakably please loved ones.

Remember: the nicer the design of the table, the more food the guests will like, because Visual impression plays a big role.

Show everyone how easy it is to make a swan out of a normal apple. It will inspire any mistress!