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Fried eggs without frying pan

Ordinary boiled eggs like not everyone, yolkCrumbles, because many people love them only in salads. Another thing - scrambled eggs, cooked with vegetable oil and spices, it is to the liking of all. But it turns out that you can combine the benefits of boiled eggs and the excellent taste of fried eggs! No oil in the recipe, you only need an egg ... see what you need to do with it to get the very taste of your favorite Eggs inside a boiled egg.

How to cook scrambled eggs without a frying pan

An incredibly interesting trick! It is only necessary to shake the egg well with the help of tissue, circular movements mix the yolk and protein into a homogeneous mass. When you cook this way the beaten egg, it will be uniform yellow. And the taste will look like eggs! Try this experiment in the kitchen, this unusual dish will please and surprise your loved ones. Adding eggs to eggs cooked in this way, you will significantly improve their taste.

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