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Flower from a plastic spoon

Plastic is the material that is now everywhere. Of course, people are very profitable and useful Plastic items, But do not forget how harmful it is to the environment. Plastic bags and bottles imperceptibly destroy the earth.

What can be done in this situation? Of course, reduce their use - do not buy an extra package, instead use a bag of cloth. One plastic water bottle to use several times, Correctly dispose of garbage.

There is another way to deal with the excessPlastic objects - you can transform them into the necessary and beautiful things. Here is a vivid example of what can be done from a conventional plastic spoon, using imagination and some sleight of hand.

What can be made from a plastic spoon

Insanely beautiful and interesting thing! It is worth holding a little plastic spoon over the candle, as it immediately begins to melt and in the eyes turn into a delightful flower. This woman has transformed the art of plastic transformation, her idea is definitely worthy of attention.

As you see, out of a spoon it turned out Unique decoration - it remains to think of where to apply it. You can use such a flower as a keychain, as an element of a hair clip, you can make many such flowers, string them on laces and create a light decorative curtain ...

A huge space for imagination! Who exactly will be delighted with Magic transformation spoon, So these are children. Do such a thing with your child and admire the brilliance of delight in the children's eyes.