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How to chop the peppers

Bulgarian pepper is a very useful and tasty vegetable, it is a valuable component of many dishes. The only thing that upsets the housewives - the trouble with the cleaning of pepper, because you need very carefully and accurately Remove the core. If this is not done, the taste of pepper can be spoiled.

The insides of Bulgarian pepper haveBitter, completely unpleasant aftertaste. In addition, there are a lot of peppers in the pepper that fly apart during the cleaning process throughout the kitchen ... but see how the professional cook is cleaning the pepper on this video! This solves the problem with the annoying core.

How to chop peppers

Yes, this is a surprisingly simple way that allows you to cope with the cleansing of pepper twice as fast as usual. Wonderful saving of time, energy and absolutely Non-waste production - this method allows you to peel the pepper, without cutting off the extra delicious flesh.

Try to clean the pepper in this way - improve your skills in the kitchen, do not become attached to stereotypical actions. You will see how much easier and faster it will go!

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