/ How to quickly peel a pineapple

How to quickly peel a pineapple

Those lucky ones who managed to tryA ripe pineapple, will never forget his taste. Because pineapple is not very popular with us for a simple reason - the fruits that are sold are usually not yet ripe. It's another thing - ripe pineapples from a hot country. It's insanely delicious!

Probably, very fond of pineapples this streetA fruit dealer - he got the hang of cutting them so fast that you do not have time to keep track of your smart hands. Juicy pulp is very quickly ready for use. In just one minute this man easily cleanses the whole pineapple, deftly using a knife. See how he does it, this method is sure to come in handy. Do not lose hope to meet on the counter a ripe juicy pineapple.

How quickly to peel a pineapple

It is difficult to imagine how many pineapples he had to clean for his life in order to achieve such a Mastery!! Of course, as fast as his, you hardlyYou will be able to deal with the fruit. But this man showed how you can turn a boring, ordinary occupation into an exciting procedure! Device show in your kitchen, using this quick way to peel pineapple.

Show everyone what this merchant-virtuoso is doing! Let the cleaning of pineapple is associated with friends with something pleasant.