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How to make a waist thinner

from Sedentary lifestyle The spine suffers. And about the extra centimeters in the waist and abdomen and can not speak. Amazing, but to improve the condition of the back, tighten the stomach and flanks possibly, giving only 5 minutes a day of one simple manipulation!

sedentary lifestyle

How to make a waist thinner

Japanese doctor fukutsuji for ten years conducted his research and developed a unique Method of figure correction.

How to make a waist thinner

The doctor came to the conclusion that one of the main reasons for the wide waistline is Misplaced bones The pelvis and the sub-ribs. If you return them to their original position, the waist will become thin, the abdomen flat, and the posture correct. Surprisingly, but with the help of this technique, you can also slightly increase the growth (due to the extension of the spine).

Fukutsuji method

Fukutsuji technique

  1. Lie on a hard, level surface, placing under your waist Cushion Directly under the navel. Relax.
  2. Extend legs The width of the shoulders, connecting the thumbs of the feet. Hands stretch out behind your head, laying your hands on the floor and combining the little fingers.
  3. Head back do not overturn, but reach the top in the opposite direction from the coccyx.
  4. Lie down for 5 minutes. If it is too difficult to hold out, limit the first time 2-3 minutes.
  5. So as not to damage the spine, get up slowly,Without jerks, first slipping from the platen to the side. If you have serious problems with your back, consult your physician before starting the complex.

Watch the video from A description of the fukutsuji method!!

It is difficult to describe those feelings that you experience while you lie on the platen! Body stretches nicely, each vertebra Finds its place, all the tension as a hand removes: only lightness, vivacity and flexibility.

Fukutsuji method

After a month of such daily lying gymnastics mine Waist has decreased in volume 5 centimeters! 62 centimeters - so thin it has never been, great progress.

Try and you are a technique of the Japanese doctor and do not forget to share your achievements!