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Cooking corn in a microwave oven

Corn is a very useful product that can replace a full-fledged meal. You can weld it in a traditional way. But why waste extra strength and time, if there is an alternative? Try it Cook corn in 3 minutes, As this guy did on video.

All you need is just turn on the microwave. See how to make a delicious dish extremely fast! I think now I will cook corn only so ...

How quickly to cook corn

Resourceful guy was tired of waiting when he cookedCorn and came up with something better. Corn in the skin is cooked in the microwave for a few minutes, this does not compare with the time of the usual cooking of this cereal. Do not wait until the water boils, do not waste time washing the pan.

Just place the corn on the plate in the microwave, and after 3 minutes it will be ready. The seeds turn out to be very juicy, because baked in this way corn Remains intact. Amazing result!

Show your friends this quick and very convenient Method of cooking corn, This pleasant discovery will please everyone!