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Watermelon smoothies

Do you like smoothies? You can not live without watermelon? Then this video was shot just for you! This guy managed to make this beautiful berry Refreshing drink, And even with such a pitch!

With this way the juice from the watermelon will no longer beFlow on the elbows, and you do not get your face from one ear to the second. Everything you need for this: watermelon, drill, plastic cup and wire!

First twist something like a whisk of wire and fasten it to a drill. Take a watermelon and make it a small hole ... and what's next, look at the video!

Smoothies from watermelon

It's just brilliant! Light, delicious and organic drink in just a few minutes. Take this way of eating watermelon on a note, because your guests will be delighted when you make such smoothies at the next picnic!