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LEGO luminaire

If at your home the designer lego usesPopularity, you are unlikely to resist the desire to make such a delightful lamp. From an ordinary small can get an unusual interior detail, very stylish and modern!

In addition to a beautifully shaped jar, you will need a yellow paint, a black scotch and a flashlight. The most crucial moment is to make a person from a scotch lego-man.

Apply his imagination and aweFavorite designer: choose the expression of the face, which you love most. Because a man can laugh, get angry or sad, just like a real ...

Scotch tape is easy to unlock and change the emotion at any time. Read the instructions in the video, with which you will do everything perfectly.

Lego lamp

It's only necessary to put the flashlight in the jar, and the original lamp is ready! A lamp of warm color can be used as a Night lamp in the children's room, Decorate her with a living room and kitchen.

And even in the bank excellent fit small partsDesigner, who are always lost! It's a good idea to store the designer in the nursery - you can make a lot of these cheerful containers and carefully place the designer there.

Great idea, no small spiny objects under your feet! The child himself will be happy to add details to such cute banks.

The process of creating a lego-luminaire is very interesting and accessible, therefore, it is possible to offer such a thing in children's and adult festivals as Entertainments for guests.

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