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How to emphasize facial features

Going to an important event, a meeting or just a movie with friends, we always want to look great: we think over our clothes to the smallest detail, select the best accessories and, of course, do not forget about Make-up.

The basic rule of good make-up is to alignSkin and hide all the small flaws. The face is the foundation of your appearance, and it is with it that the image begins. Modern experts in the world of beauty do not stop repeating: the right features - this is not a gift of God, and the art of visage, which is quite easy to learn.

"so simple!" Has prepared for you the basic lesson of professional make-up for every day. It's as easy as applying lipstick or mascara, but the result will undoubtedly surpass all your expectations!

How to emphasize facial features

So that a person does not look as if they were wearing a monophonic mask, experts recommend using Two different tones Cream: light and dark. Bright tone is applied to the forehead, eyes, nose bridge, darken the cheekbones, chin, wings of the nose. It is enough just to put the dark and light stripes on the right areas on the face, forming the right contours, and gently shading.

It will take you no more than three minutes, and the result will be simply stunning: you hide all the imperfections of the face, Level the tone And most importantly, form the Hollywood contours of the face with the help of a brush and cream.

Just see how this woman changed, thanks to the method described above. It's amazing, because the make-up artist did not use any mascara, no shadows, no lipstick. Only a brush and foundation of two tones.

Fantastically simple and beautiful. This foundation is an indispensable foundation for your appearance, no matter what makeup you prefer and in what situation you use it.

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