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Cleansing lymph with licorice

It's terrible to imagine what is happening to ourLymph if we drink little water. It turns into a real standing swamp! Tea, juice, compote, sweet sparkling water, coffee - none of these drinks will replace the miraculous action of water. When it is not enough, catastrophic health problems begin.

Thrush, dysbacteriosis, allergies, arthritis, pneumonia, psoriasis - all these diseases can be cured if you hold Cleansing of lymph. Just two available ingredients that can be found in any pharmacy!

Purification of lymph with licorice and enterosgel

Purification of lymph with licorice

You will need

  • Licorice syrup
  • Enterosgel


  1. Divorce 1 tbsp. L. Syrup of licorice in a glass of warm water and drink on an empty stomach. This drug is very effective liquefy lymph! Do not be surprised, after taking the drug, a runny nose may appear - the body reacts to the onset of a rapid outflow of mucus, which in an hour will gather in the intestine.
    Purification of lymph malt
  2. Go to the next stage in an hour. Drink a glass of water 1 tbsp. L. Enterosgelya. You can eat only 2 hours after the procedure!
    Purification of lymph with licorice and enterosgel

Course of such purification should be carried out onFor 2 weeks. Thanks to these simple actions, your skin will be cleansed, allergy, chronic diseases, normal pressure and stomach work. The root of licorice will help to remove all the muck from the lymph into the intestines, and the enterosorbent will absorb it.

Initially, the procedure for cleaning lymph can beExacerbation of pathological conditions, this is due to the very strong effect of drugs on the body. But after a couple of days it will all go away! This video is a detailed and very sensible lecture on what is lymph and how important it is to cleanse.

Purification of lymph with licorice and enterosgel Is not the only measure that can be takenFor lymphatic renewal in the body. Bath, eating raw vegetables, fruits and berries, exercise - all this also positively affects the condition of the lymph. Just an emergency cleansing is used in cases where a person starts to get sick constantly due to dirty, slagged lymph and needs to be saved somehow.

I recommended this cleansing to many acquaintances andTo all relatives. I myself had a chronic cough that lasted for years for an unknown reason. I was examined many times, but the doctors could not detect anything, but the cough remained. Now I do not cough at all.

Also the papa cleansed the maxillary sinuses, allLife was tormented by them, but at that time we did not know that the cause was contaminated lymph. She was going there from around the whole body, the more he also eats wrong. And he had lifelong headaches, also caused by pollution. His pressure became like that of a 20-year-old man and keeps constantly. My mother was allergic.

The author of this technique has tried it on herself andTheir relatives. The result is a significant improvement in health! Share this article with your friends, because it can help people suffering from various diseases. We wish you good health!