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9 Ways to Fold Napkins

Laying - an integral attribute of the festive table. If everything looks harmonious and colorful, serving can even cause the guests to have an appetite.

To learn beautifully lay the table, You need to know several ways of folding napkins. "so simple!" Prepared 9 interesting options that you needBe sure to remember, they will come in handy more than once! And do not think that all this is complicated, thanks to this video you will learn how to fold napkins in a matter of seconds!

9 Ways to Fold Napkins

How to make beautiful shapes from napkins

  1. "crown"
  2. "candle"
  3. "Pocket for silverware"
  4. "pyramid"
  5. "Elf's shoe"
  6. "basket"
  7. "rose flower"
  8. "bird of paradise"
  9. "Bishop's cap"

See the diagrams of these curly napkins on the video!

These options are suitable for all occasions. In addition, owning all these ways of folding napkins, you can always surprise others with something new!

Show your friends this video, so that they also learn the secrets of serving the table!