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Styling with a T-shirt

Women always spend a lot of time creating hair in the morning, because they always want to be on top. So that you look always excellently and do not spend a lot of effort and time on it, "so simple!" Prepared for you a little lifhak, with which you can get a wonderful haircut, almost nothing doing with your hair.

The girl from this video is called Donate and she will showYou, how you can make a cool hairstyle for every day with the help of an ordinary T-shirt and several hair products. All she does is put a T-shirt on her wet hair and go to bed, and in the morning she gets beautiful curls.

Make sure of it yourself!

How to make a haircut using a T-shirt

This way will help you quickly get ready for work, and you will not puzzle over what to do on your head, even if you are very much in a hurry. Try this method Creating a hairstyle With the help of a T-shirt on yourself and tell about it to your friends!