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Art of make-up

Women can be called real masters of reincarnation. We do not need to radically change your hair style, style of dress or even your face beyond recognition with the help of good make-up.

When girls pick up cosmetics, real magic begins. With her help, you can remove all the shortcomings of your appearance, increase your eyes, create Beautiful face.

Makeup art

In a video that "so simple!" Prepared for you today, the girl will showYou, how can you turn yourself into a queen with the help of cosmetics alone. Of course, she demonstrates make-up, with which it is hardly possible to go out every day, but for the evening appearance of such a make up Will be very much the way. Look and learn!

the main thing Rule of good makeup - Do not overdo it, because cosmetics are neededOnly in order to emphasize dignity and hide faults, but not in order to change your face so that you do not recognize your own mother.