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How to keep youth

Annette larkins - A woman who conquered old age. Its history is just as surprising as it is simple. A woman is among the top ten people whom the world community considers the winners of old age. In her 73 annette looks amazing, she can be given 30 years without any extra thinking.

A slim, smart body, smooth skin Without deep wrinkles, beautiful thick hair and,Which is no less important - excellent health! Everyone is curious to know how Annette managed to spend time around her finger and save her natural beauty. Journalists do not leave the lucky person without attention and are invited to all kinds of TV shows, her opinion about health and the right way of life is very concerned about women around the world.

How to stay young

In the video below, you can seeAnnette in all its glory! She tells the amazing story of her life. It turns out, in her youth, Annette Larkins was the butcher's wife. The woman constantly cooked meat, fed them the whole family and ate with pleasure herself. Apparently, there was so much meat in her diet that over time the woman had a strong aversion to this product.

Annette stopped eating meat, eventually abandoned flour, sugar, milk, eggs and other animal products. In another 9 years, the young Larkins had already moved from veganism to Raw diet. She herself grows fruits and vegetables on her ownOwn site near the house without the use of harmful chemicals. Look at this exciting movie about Annette: it's impossible to believe that she really is 73 years old!

Healthy lifestyle and proper nutritionReally can create a miracle with your body. It is not necessary to become a raw food, like an annette, because it is only for people with unreal willpower. But to exclude at least for a while heavy food from the menu - a rational way to Health improvement. Look younger, have a beautiful figure and good health - a natural desire of a person at any age. Annette has proved that everything is possible!

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