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Training for the ideal press

have Beautiful and embossed press Many dream. It is not an easy task to pump it. But a girl named zuzka light (zuzka light) knows how to do it. She is 33 years old and she is a professional fitness trainer from the Czech Republic. Personal training with this incredible girl is not affordable for everyone. But since she conducts her video blog, everyone can study her technique.

And it's absolutely free, and even at home without additional simulators! The main thing is that trainings from zuzanne take only 5 minutes a day. If you want to get a beautiful, athletic and Taut body, Then practice every day and do not miss classes. Before performing it is desirable to make an easy workout.

Exercises for the ideal press

The snake is confident that if a person eats properly and puts it 100% in his Daily workout, Then he will notice the difference very quickly.

Share this workout with your friends for the perfect press, maybe they will want to start working with you.