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How not to namusorit, drilling the wall

Repair is not always a joyful event. We constantly want to somehow improve our home, but often this occupation brings with it a lot of trouble. Especially when it comes to Cleaning.

Today "so simple!" Prepared for you an excellent trick thatWill help you not to fudge, making a hole in the wall or ceiling with a drill. For this you will need a plastic or paper cup (if you drill the ceiling) or sticky notes for notes (if you need to make a hole in the ceiling).

How not to bump drilling walls

So, the first way is for Drilling of the ceiling. Take a plastic or paper cup and put it on the drill so that all the garbage is poured inside. If it's too high, cut off the part you need.


Method second. if needed Drill a wall, Stick a sticky note to it and fold it so that the garbage does not fall on the floor.


This video shows in detail how you can do it!

Who would have thought that everything is so simple. I will gladly use these tips, because in the house there is always something to drill and attach, and these valuable tricks will get rid of the need to clean up after that!