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Curls with a magazine

Chic curls - the dream of any girl. And in the pursuit of her, women daily damage their hair with curling irons, ironing and hairdryers. But there is a sure way To make a beautiful styling Without heating and drying the hair.

Today "so simple!" Tell you how you can Make Hollywood ringlets Without thermal impact on the hair. For this you need only a glossy magazine and a few dozen invisible!

How to make curls with a magazine

  1. So, take a glossy magazine and tear out a few dozen pages from it.
  2. Girl with a magazine

  3. Then cut each page in half along the length. And fold (also along the length) in a strip of the necessary width. The wider the strip, the larger the curls will be.
  4. Girl with a magazine

  5. Soak a little hair with water or hairspray.
  6. a strand of hair

  7. Wrap a small strand of hair on the strip. Tie the strip with a knot and secure one end of it with an invisible one. Do this with all the curls.
  8. Paper-wrapped paper

  9. Wait a few hours and unwind your hair. You can fix the resulting locks with hairspray.
  10. Paper-wrapped paper

    Beautiful curls

And in this video you can see the whole The process of creating elegant curls!!

You can wrap your hair around the pages of the magazine for the night or, if you're in a hurry, dry them with a hairdryer. But the fact remains that this is One of the safest ways to create hair curls.

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