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Straightening hair without ironing

So it was always: Straight-haired girls envy curly-haired beauties and vice versa. It is only the first to just make a simple hairstyle, for example, braid the braid, as their hair is already wavy. But the owners of curls who wish Straighten your hair, It is not easy. Hot ironing, a hair dryer, full of chemistry, although they do their job, they harm beautiful hair.

"so simple!" Found a way, How to straighten curls Without harmful to the hair of things. And help us bloggers alexandrasgirlytalk. Take into account, this procedure is better to do before bed.

Straighten fluffy hair without ironing? Yes it is possible!

Curly-haired girl

Wash your hair and then tie a tight tail.

The girl does the tail

With such a hairdo to walk around the house for about an hour. Hair will still be wet ...

The girl is combing her hair

Stretch a lock of hair, like this girl does. You will be able to lay your hair by invisibles.

The girl is laying her hair

Strand behind the strand - and you have a new styling.

Girl with hair styling

Wrap a towel over your head and go to bed.

Girl with straight hair

Wake up, take off the towel, all the invisible and dismiss the hair. Here's the expected result!

Girl with straight hair

The difference is obvious!

Curly and straight hair

Here the beauty tells in details about this trick.

No magic and, most importantly, no harm to the hair! It is not necessary to do this every day. If you need to straighten Curls Before an important event, remember the above method.

Familiarize your girlfriends curls with this method, How to make hair straight.