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Exotic fruits

Just look at the amazing fruits! Do not compare with the overexposed on the counter pineapple and hairy coconuts of unknown origin, which we are treated by supermarkets.

This little review, although it will not give you actually feel new tastes, but still Little-known exotic fruits, Which so and ask on the table of any gourmet. Unusual shapes, colors and aromas - all this is so beckoning.

After viewing the article, you will want to get acquainted with the tropical curiosities, richly represented in the flora of the southern countries, at the first opportunity. these Wonderful fruit Native to Thailand, India, Vietnam, Ecuador, Bolivia, Latin and Central America. Another great incentive for exciting trips!

List of little-known exotic fruits

  1. Akebia A native of eastern Asia. During flowering, the plant exudes a light aroma of chocolate, for which it was nicknamed a chocolate vine. How appetizing it sounds ...
  2. Akebia

  3. Kiwano Perfectly complement both the sweet and salted salad and give a piquant milkshake. In addition, because of the low content of calories this fruit is useful to those who are on a diet.
  4. Kiwano

  5. Chinese litchi It tastes like grapes, a little bit tart. From it turns out delicious jelly and ice cream. Fruit has an invaluable supply of nicotinic acid, which prevents the development of atherosclerosis.
  6. Chinese litchi

  7. Locals say that the smell Durian Causes visions of hell, and taste - heavenly pleasures. And I want to test this interesting statement on my own experience.
  8. Durian

  9. Sapodilla Reveals its divine taste in combination with lime and ginger. This fruit has powerful healing properties, conquers all kinds of infections in the body and stimulates immunity.
  10. Sapodilla

  11. Longkong Is divided into segments, outwardly resembling garlic. This plant can be found in Thailand almost all year round and naresya vospast.
  12. Longkong

  13. fruit Carambola Also known as "tropical stars", they are exceptionally juicy and crunchy.
  14. Carambola

  15. Red pitaya, or "Dragons of fruit" - is valuable for its juice, which can be added to any beverage or made from it wine. Still no one spoke ill of this delicious fruit!
  16. Red pitaya

Is not it true that these amazing fruits cause delight and a desire to enjoy them? Share with your friends a treasure trove of new experiences!