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Tips for losing weight

All women want to have a wonderful figure. But not everyone has enough willpower to constantly be on a diet and endlessly engage in sports. It turns out, there are other methods by which beauty is easily achievable. Behold Basic principles of nutrition, Which will help you to be slim, especially while not limiting yourself. This is exactly what you need!

metabolism The human body is designed so that the richCalorie foods better eat in the morning. You will not gain weight, because all of them will turn into energy, which you will need throughout the day. Eat in accordance with the biological clock, and you will look amazing.

How to lose weight properly

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  1. Until 12 pm you can eat anything, including light carbohydrates, but not more than 200 grams.
  2. Without bakery products so hard to manage ... lover buns can rejoice. Until 15.00 you can please yourself, however, the amount still must be controlled.
  3. Everyone heard this rule - do not eat after six. It is rather controversial, because it may not have a very positive impact on health, and this is useless. After six there is a need, but if you want to lose weight in a fast way, eat after 18.00 exclusively fruit.
  4. Products containing starch, of course, it is better not to use, or - in the minimum amount. But if you really want to eat potatoes or bananas, you can do it with impunity for the figure until 20.00
  5. if you want to Lose weight, While doing sports, eat the proteins two hours before training. For an hour and a half before and after training is impossible, because there is a danger that all your efforts will be wasted.
  6. Arrange fasting day Every 10 days! It can be a fruity day, milky, curd ... there are many options, choose what you like. Even fasting can be done every 10 days, it is very useful, because your digestive system is resting and resuming.
  7. At night it is better not to eat, of course. But if you could not refrain from supper - do not eat at least an hour before bedtime, give food to digest.
  8. Take measurements and be weighed every 10 days. So you will always control the process. If something has changed and you do not like it, you have to unload a day. it works!
  9. Regardless of whether you have training Today, do exercises - simple and affordableFor the execution of the house: squats - 50 times for 2 approaches, press - 30 times for 3 sets, raising bent legs - 30 times for 3 sets. You will always be tight, muscles in tone will add to your attractiveness. And the time for these exercises goes very little.
  10. Motivate yourself! This is the magic key to success. Dropped 2 kg - bought a new dress. You will not notice how to achieve the ideal figure!

Be always on top! These practical recommendations will replace your diet. Do not forget to share with your girlfriends this useful article.