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How to straighten your back and clean your stomach

Many people are now Problems with the spine, And this is not surprising, because the sedentary lifestyle has become so prevalent. And even the back and tightened stomach still want to have!

Here is an extremely simple technique developedJapanese specialists about ten years ago. Just five minutes a day is required for classes, and the appearance varies very much. Returning the skeleton to its natural position, this technique changes the shape of the body, making the waist thinner, and the back - more even.

The book with the description of this method sold out in a huge circulation - 6 million copies, but the description of the miracle technique is stacked in several sentences. Read, perhaps, these exercises Will be your favorite and help solve problems with the spine, order bored.

Exercises for straightening the spine and reducing the size of the abdomen

Exercises for straightening the spine

  1. Roll of towels tight roll of at least 40 centimeters and a thickness of 7-10 centimeters. Tie the cushion with a strong thread so that it does not unwind.
  2. Sit on a fairly hard horizontal surface (a soft bed will not work, it's better - a couch, a massage table or just a tourist carpet on the floor), put the rolled up roller behind you.
  3. Gently drop on his back, holding the cushion with his hands so that he was across the body under the waist - exactly under the navel. This is an important point.
  4. Legs should be separated by shoulder width and "club-footed" to keep the feet together, so that the thumbs touch each other, and the heels are at a distance of 20-25 centimeters.
  5. Get straight arms outstretched behind your head, turnTheir palms down and connect with each other little fingers. The posture is rather inconvenient. If it's hard for you to straighten your arms completely, do not be scared, let them lie, as it turns out. The main thing - watch, that adjoined the big toes and little fingers of hands.
  6. Hold in this position for 5 minutes.

If everything is done correctly, you will feel how your skeleton takes a natural position for it and straightens up. stomach Will gradually retract, internal organsThey will be in the most favorable position for them. You need to get up very carefully, because during the exercise, the bones and joints move slightly.

Of course, at first it's difficult to sustain five minutes, so start doing exercises From a small - lie on two or three minutes on the platen. The results will be noticeable to those around you after just a month of such simple lessons!

This is wonderful Alternative to heavy charging, Which strengthens the spine. Try this method and rejoice at the result, the back will say "thank you" to you.

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