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Yoga postures for a healthy neck

Do you know the headache that eclipses all thoughts? And when the lumbar region aches terribly? These feelings are one of the most unpleasant. The saddest thing is that if these parts of the spine ache, then some serious problem looms.

To use yoga for the treatment of such ailments was still considered a little popular practice. However, people who have tried many different methods to Strengthen the neck and spine, After these exercises did not become anything else to do, except yoga! Such charging relieves terrible muscle pain.

Here are some yoga postures that will allow you to remove clamps in all areas surrounding your neck. The spine will also become less tense, which is so important for those who Works sitting!!

Therapeutic yoga

  1. Lie on your back and put your hands behind. Stretch your arms out to the side as long as possible. It is important to do this process smoothly, so as not to damage the ligaments.
  2. Kneel down, put your elbows on the stand and lower your head down. Stand in this position, gradually stretching the spine and breathing deeply 10 times.
  3. Sit with your legs tucked under you and join hands forBack, as shown in the picture. Breathe deeply, keep your head steady. This is one of those exercises, during which it can be very painful, but its use is great.
  4. Bend in the standing position, put your feet on the width of the shoulders. Connect your hands and lead them up, behind your head. Stretch your arms forward with all your might, so your spine will straighten up well.
  5. Put your forearms on the wall parallel to each other below the shoulder level, keeping your elbows wide. Take a couple of steps from the wall back and lower your head freely. Do this exercise for five deep breaths.
  6. Put one of the blocks under your head, the other under your waist. Let your body relax in this position. Hold in this pose, counting the breaths up to five times.
  7. Stand on all fours, get one hand to one side, the other up. The head should be lowered down and rest against the floor. Stretch your arms in different directions, make ten deep breaths.
  8. Connect the opposite hip and elbow and veryGood pull. The free hand should be slightly retracted. Do this exercise for each leg separately, make sure that the thigh muscles stretch well.


    And, finally, one very important advice that will help you avoid pain in the neck. Do not look at the phone or another gadget while walking! This is a very unnatural position for the neck.

That the neck should rest, the chin should be slightly lowered down and as if to be pressed to the neck, then it will be relaxed and the pain will not bother you.

Girl with phone

The spine is the axis on which allYour body, and if it is unhealthy, then other organs suffer. Include these poses in your daily complex of physical exercises and you will see how much your muscles will strengthen.

Let this wonderful exercise help you stay healthy! If you liked this article with useful tips for health, show it to your friends.