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Charge for the eyes

Very unpleasant when the eyes get tired. Burning, dry mucous, the desire to endlessly rub eyes ... fatigue is fraught Impaired vision. So that this does not happen to you - do exercises that train the eye muscle. This charging is also suitable for those who already have problems with vision.

Exercises only 10, but you can choose the 5 most liked - for the healing effect this will be enough. Where there is a question of health, laziness is not the place. Come on!

Exercises for the eyes

  1. Blink often for two minutes - this normalizes intraocular circulation.
  2. Sweep your eyes to the right, and then - take a look in a straight line. Do the same in the opposite direction.
  3. Feel the darkness. It is believed that immersion in the darkness promotes the production of rhodopsin in photosensitive cells, a substance necessary for clear vision.
  4. Do circular head rotations: right-left, up-down. This activates blood circulation, the eye vessels are filled with blood.
  5. The exercise reminds an exercise bike. Move your eyes in different directions: right-left, up-down, in a circle, eight.
  6. Exercises for the eyes

  7. Squint for 3-5 seconds, then open your eyes. Repeat this 7 times. This very well relaxes the eye muscles.
  8. Push on the upper eyelids with your fingers, but without much effort. Hold your fingers in this position for about two seconds. Perform such a gesture in series - 4-5 times. Exercise improves the flow of intraocular fluid.
  9. Stand near the window, focus on the subject in the immediate vicinity, and then look at the remote object. Repeat 10 times.
  10. Close your eyes and slowly move the eyeballs up and down. Repeat the exercise 5-10 times.
  11. Open eyes first draw in the air simple geometric shapes, and then - complex objects and large-scale compositions.

This very simple charging is a rescue for Tired eyes. If you spend most of the day in front of the monitor - you need to do it! Protect your eyesight so that you do not regret the lost time.

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