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Proper nutrition

If the phrase "proper nutrition" sounds -Usually immediately something very depressing appears. Mostly tasteless and unattractive in appearance. This is the result of the dominance of obsessive information about a variety of diets, it is now so fashionable to succumb to new currents, including food.

In fact, "proper nutrition" is a meal that does not contradict common sense. Just a few mental efforts - and you yourself know that for you it is much better and Rational Eat that apple, and not another candy. There are several nuances that you need to know about if you want to eat Profitably for myself.

Basic rules of healthy eating

  1. Drink a glass or two water before each meal.
    So you eat just enough for the functioning of the body, without overeating.
  2. Drink about two liters of water a day.
    Water - food for the skin, thanks to water, all cells are updated more quickly, the aging process is significantly slowed down.
  3. Eat high-calorie food in the morning, before dinner.
    Calories will be consumed during the working day without harm to the figure.
  4. Try to replace garnishes with vegetables, especially it is well suited for dinner.
    More vegetables, less porridge - so you even lose weight, unnoticed for yourself.
  5. Give up sausage products.
    You understand very well that sausages and all that stuff are very dubious ingredients. Allow yourself to eat this muck as little as possible, do not poison yourself.
  6. It is better to eat often, but in small portions.
    So the load on the digestive system decreases and in the end it works better.
  7. Do not eat at night.
    Then it is easier to wake up in the morning, you will feel more cheerful, besides - no extra pounds you are not threatened.
  8. Arrange once a week unloading day.
    This is the secret of good health and beautiful appearance.
  9. Never skip breakfast.
    To neglect breakfast means doing yourself a "disservice". If you do not eat breakfast, metabolism slows down. The lack of breakfast contributes to the accumulation of excess weight.
  10. Before you eat anything, think about it.
    Do not be afraid to ask yourself simple questions. I really want to eat? Is this the food I need? This food will be useful to me? Approach the question of eating wisely, then you will be healthy and cute.

These rules will help even the most lazy people to watch their Diet. If you found this article about nutrition to be useful - share it.