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Cream against cellulite

Cellulite - a mysterious word, and it's good if its meaning remains a mystery to you and does not disturb. Much worse, if this problem, familiar to many women, has become relevant to you.

Contrary to popular belief, cellulite is oftenIs also found in thin young women. Because it arises not only because of obesity, but also because of stagnant processes in the skin, when it is not renewed. Cellulite can appear and with a lack of collagen.

Exercise and diet are good for the skin, but in order to improve the effect, you need to use external means. First of all it is a scrub, then a cream. Exfoliating scrub May well serve with drunk ground coffee, but with creams a whole problem. After all the advertised funds often do not act as they do in advertising, but their price is quite impressive.

this Home cream recipe Not only budgetary, but also natural. The effect of essential oils on the skin is just magical. Check and see how the state of the problem zones changes!

How to make a cream from cellulite at home

You will need

  • Any children's cream
  • Mummy
  • Essential oil of orange
  • Cinnamon oil
  • Juniper oil

Ingredients for cellulite cream

Preparing homemade cream

So, we are preparing a miracle cream. Take a jar with a volume of 200 ml. Give out there baby cream and add 2 tablets mummy. When they dissolve, drop 10 drops of orange oil, 10 drops of juniper oil and 2-5 drops of cinnamon oil. When you mix all the ingredients to a homogeneous mass, you will get a very fragrant and Effective cream!!

Using this cream for cellulite, you will also notice that Stretch marks On the skin disappear. It will become tender and elastic - essential oils strengthen the skin, make peeling and improve the metabolic processes in it. Your loved one will be delighted with how nice it is to touch you!

If you liked this Cream recipe - keep it for yourself and cook it at the first opportunity. Enjoy the article about the cream of your friends, they will be grateful to you.