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Exercises for abdominal muscles

Really at home you can achieve good results with Simple sports exercises? Yes, by all means! If you practice often and diligently, you will immediately feel the effect.

Thanks to this charging your belly will be flat due to Cardiostructures. Such a strengthening of the muscles will bring only pleasure!

Exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles

  1. Start with the mill exercise.
    Mill exercise
  2. Do the attacks backwards (20 times per leg).
    Back attacks
  3. Make a lunging back, each time lifting the knee high up (20 times on each leg).
    Back attacks
  4. Turn your knees under you, bouncing on the spot.
    Leg exercise
  5. Jump, lifting your knees high to your chest (40 times).
  6. Do sit-ups and jump (40 times).
    Squat and jump

Do these exercises vigorously: the more you waste energy, the more active is the metabolism. It is very good that such a charging It does not take much time and does not require additional adaptations. A good option for those who do not have the opportunity to attend the gym.

Tell your girlfriends about such a wonderful and affordable fitness. And do not forget to study!